Who We Are

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3), pro-life, evangelical ministry dedicated to serving our community. We assist women facing crisis pregnancies and provide on-going support and services for the client and her partner. Life Options is an affiliated member of Care Net and NIFLA.

Why We’re Here

Abortion is America’s most frequently performed surgery on women.  One out of four conceived children are surgically aborted.  Since 1986, our purpose has been to provide unconditional, loving support as individuals consider available options in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. Clients need to hear that a life-affirming option is possible.  In the hope of preventing unplanned pregnancies, it is also our purpose to educate about sexual integrity and healthy relationships.

Those We Serve

•A 15 year old, thinking she is pregnant, afraid to talk to anyone else

•A 44 year old mother of three grown children, surprised by pregnancy

•A dad, devastated by his daughter’s sexual activity, wondering what to do next

•Middle school girls desiring education about true love and successful relationships.

•Women traumatized by past abortions, seeking hope and healing

•Many women facing unplanned pregnancies, wanting to know about their options

We do not refer for or perform abortions

Vision Statement

As the premier life resource center in the Lower Yakima Valley, we are determined to impact our culture by:

•affirming at all stages the amazing value of human life

•proactively seeking to help women who are abortion vulnerable

•empowering people to live in wholeness

•offering hope and healing for each client’s past, present and future by providing effective, relevant, supportive opportunities and services to all our clients.

2012 Statistics

•Client visits   2421

•Pregnancy tests   471

›192 of the 471 were positive.

›156 of the positive tests were “at-risk” for abortion.

›142 babies were saved

•150 ultrasounds performed (94% of at-risk clients receiving ultrasounds choose to carry their babies) 

•342 clients received parenting classes

•281 received one-on-one abstinence counseling

•419 male clients

•The Gospel was presented 269 times, resulting in 82 professions of faith and 31 rededications

•3600 students participated in AWARE presentations

•20 Middle School Girls per week had fun after school in Girls 180 programs.